Saturday, July 4, 2009

VoIP conferencing phone - Facilitating better communications at lesser cost

VoIP phones facilitate organizations to communicate in a better way at lesser costs. VoIP is one of the latest inventions in the field of communication. For making a call to any part of the world, using this technology, an internet connection and appropriate equipment is all that is required.

VoIP phones with several advanced features are manufactured by many leading manufactures. Although these equipments come with a number of next generation features they are efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

With the increasing popularity of VoIP phone systems, organizations of all sizes are getting them installed in the offices because of the cheap communication options which they provide. The different equipments come with different features. An organization can choose an equipment for themselves as per their business requirements.

Most of the VoIP conferencing phone systems come with a wide variety of features like call waiting, call forward, call transfer, call mute, speaker, caller ID etc, in order to facilitate a smooth conferencing. Some of the latest models of VoIP phones also support Wi-Fi technology and Microsoft Windows. These phones have a good sound quality and increased standby time, as well as, talk time.

A good quality VoIP conferencing phone definitely proves to be a cost effective communication medium for an organization.

Polycom VoIP Phones are fully interoperable with leading IP PBX and Softswitch platforms, you can have a variety of end-to-end, fully integrated VoIP solutions to choose from. Check out Polycom's VoIP Technology Partners. VoIP solutions that feature Polycom VoIP phones provide a high-quality, rich communications experience, deliver productivity-enhancing new applications, and offer significant cost savings through consolidation of network costs for voice and data, and elimination of costs of phone moves, additions, and changes.

Avaya's range of digital and IP telephones deliver advanced productivity-boosting features, including a large display and up to a 100-entry call log. These cost-effective phones are the choice for any business or contact center using IP Office and bring Avaya state-of-the-art technology directly to your desktop. These telephones deliver efficient service, superior voice quality, along with cutting-edge communications features such as screen labels for call appearance/feature keys to simplify user administration.

Know The Basic Of Call Center Services

What is call center? A call center is a physical location where larger volumes of calls are handled by an outsourced company. It usually a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting large volume of telephone requests for the purpose of business transactions. Most of the call centers work with the help of IVR's. An IVR is defined as telephone interface to a computer system. Typically, a call center has the ability to handle large volumes of call at the same time screen and forward them to someone who is qualified to handle calls.

Call centers are used by telemarketing companies,utility companies,mail order catalogue retailers,companies that need customer support services and other outsourcing services. Most of the business houses use call center for various customer services like IT-help desk, inbound calls, sales,order processing, order taking, financial support and many other outbound services.

Operations of a call center:

A call center often operates in an extensive open work space for its call center agents. The work stations include a telephone set or a head set connected to a main telecom switch. This can be operated independently or networked with additional centers which is often linked to a corporate computer including LAN , microcomputers and mainframes. The voice and data pathways into the center are linked through a set of technology known as computer telephony integration( CTI)

Technology used in call centers:

Most of the call centers in India use different technologies which help them to serve their customers better. The inbound call center use automatic call distribution, in which the incoming calls are assigned to the agent on the order they receive. Some of the call center also use call monitoring in which the quality staff randomly monitors an agent call to ensure that they follow the guidelines of call taking. Most of the call centers work with the help of IVR's,it is a system which helps in routing calls to the appropriate agent. It is programmed to do so wherein the system ignore its own decision making and obey the instruction set by humans.

These include after call work( ACW),automatic call distribution ( ACD), Agent performance analytics, Average handling time( AHT),Automatic number identification( ANI), Automated surveys( AS),Best time to call/ Outbound call optimization( BTTC),Call recording software,customer interaction management solutions which is known as 'Unified' solutions,Chat and web Collaboration, Computer telephony integration (CTI),Customer relationship management ( CRM),Desktop Scripting Solutions Electronic performance support systems,Email Management,Enterprise Campaign Management Issue tracking system,Interactive voice response ( IVR),Knowledge Management System(KMS) Outbound predictive dialer,Predictive Dialing System( PDS),Outsourcing,Quality Monitoring which is also known as call recording software,Speech Analytics,Third party verification,Text to speech( TTS), Virtual queuing,Voice analysis,Voice mail,VoIP,Voice recognition and Workforce management( WFM).

Headset - Easy calling device

Earlier, the usage of easy calling device was less but after the invention of VOIP a great increase in the numbers of the uses has been noticed. Headset is pair of transducers and a microphone which sends and receive electric signals .They are different kinds of headsets like USB headsets, Call Center headsets, Telephone headsets, Cell phone headset and Blue tooth headset

The process of conversation is getting smooth through this easy calling device known as headset. If someone wants to talk to any person all around the world, he/she would probably go for a VOIP facility available in their computer and surely will use a headset device for the smoother and easy communication. Headsets for cell phones can let us an easy and safe telecommunication while driving to some places. Headsets are perfect for having a clear and loud talk in a crowded room. Bluetooth or wire free headsets allow us to have a talk even though we don't carry our phones but for a particular range.

There are different features present in the headsets, like the mute button and volume control option which helps in preventing others from listening while you are having private conversation. Other features are the 2.5.1 Dolby Surround Sound which let you immerse yourself in games and music. The easy calling device also aids in multitasking during conversations. You can even enjoy basic call handling feature on the move, talk time up to 8 hours, with up to 180 hours on standby, and get good audio quality.