Thursday, August 4, 2011

Health Habits: Protein After Exercise

If you're focused on your health and vitality, you will definitely realize the importance of daily discipline, especially in terms of exercise. If you travel a lot or have a stressful job, or own your own business, you know you need to maximize your energy level to withstand the rigors of their work. You want to ensure that every move you make to improve your health that really counts.

Magazine this June of American Societies for Experimental Biology reported that consuming a protein drink after exercise is a step to improve training. A drink that contains only 20 grams of protein can increase the effect of exercise and help the body maintain the integrity of muscle physiology.

Try this: if you have not already done so, move your workouts first thing in the morning. Alternating intervals of cardio a day with strength training the next. Immediately after you finish exercising, taking supplements in the morning with a protein shake well. I'm a fan of the shocks produced by the company's legacy of Dr. Robert Atkins - that are low in sugar and carbohydrates and high in protein and it tastes pretty good. Also, if you really want to maximize the effect of protein to supplement with creatine as well. I like micronized creatine powder that dissolves in water and drink with my protein shake.

Other improvements in training, supplementation with whom I had the good fortune are DHEA, CoQ10, chromium picolinate, and (my absolute favorite) the liquid nutraceutical taken first thing each morning. Consult with a nutritionist, however, adding a lot of supplements. Because of what has been described by my doctors in recent years as "allergies impressive," I had to beware of slow work of several supplements in my diet.

You want to be part of powerful, fully maximize the training of an overall health and vitality. It all begins by creating a routine of discipline in the top five health habits every day I call the NEWSS: Nutrition (start by cutting away food from your diet), exercise (work up to six workouts a week strong ), water (get two liters a day), sleep (get eight hours each night), and supplements (that well-balanced liquid nutraceutical mentioned is the best place to start for improving all-around vitality).

It's a good idea to keep a journal, and to have a score on each of the categories NEWSS each week. I did not come immediately, and I'm not a health professional - and I have the time to make my life all about keeping my personal vitality - but I find I can consistently hit at least 80% of my personal goals NEWSS in five habits each week. You can do the same, or better, even if your life is already busy and hectic.;u=4123

Blog Commenting - A Tactical Marketing Tool

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Efficiency is the key feature of the operation, which should be a regular activity. If you are writing guest posts on a blog, you should worry about responding to comments demonstrate his mastery of the place, demonstrating the acumen and drive traffic to your website immediately. For the blog service of comments, you must choose to submit comments relevant blogs to add something that is considered useful for the job. In summary, it seems that you are participating in social media with a genuine interest. It adds to your credibility with the visitor or potential customer. You have to be smart in doing the activity, which is a matter of practice and professionalism.

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Using Twitter for penetration of social media

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