Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Investment Method Gives You the Best Return?

It will only take you five minutes or it may take a week, but there is a special way that will give you the best back on your investment. Method you would like to be specific to you.

Fundamental and technical analysis charts in previous articles I have written about with and without analysis. How these methods to develop your investment the best way to get the best returns will form the foundation. In other words, this is not for everyone.

Key to return to find your best method is to write down:

• Time - how long your investment decisions are willing to spend each day or week.
• Do you long-term (several years) or interested in the cash in their profits early or fast or you need to make enough money?
• You are willing to take risks or you want to play it safe?

Mutual funds, stocks and funds can work for almost all investors.Some questions may not work with another question.You gain a long period of time, even years, are willing to pay more than if you only trade once a month at most one or two may be required.

Either technical or fundamental investment can be accomplished with long-term investment. Small and medium-term business (where you have many, many years rather than days, weeks or months as a stock or ETF) is accomplished with the best technical analysis.

So, what is the best way for you?

Only one or two hours a month on medium to long term exposure to spend?
• Technical Analysis
• Stock, Fund, funds

Spent several hours at a time, but only a few times a year on long-term investment?
• Fundamental or Technical Analysis
• Stock, Fund, funds

Spend an hour a week can be medium or long-term investment?
• Technical Analysis
• Stock, Fund, funds

An hour or less, medium or long term exposure is most days?
• Technical Analysis
• stocks, funds, some funds

The key to these methods is a method that fits the pattern of your business is using.

Investment programs online with an online broker or can be purchased separately. Are easy to learn a few weeks or months, may seem to others. Some free, provide prompt customer service, others charge after a certain time period.