Monday, August 1, 2011

The Universal Law of Divine Oneness

The universal law of Divine Unity explains that we made in the image and likeness of divinity or the creative source from which everything is possible. Buddhists speak of the happiness we experience when we join with our source. Deepak Chopra and John Gray, James Arthur Ray and Jack Canfield all speak of the importance of daily prayer or meditation, trying to use especially when any of the Universal Laws.

In the Gospel of Mary, Jesus says: "Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear." There is a trick to this. You will not hear if you're not listening.

Letting Go

The idea of ​​letting go is to let your ego grip on your ego Some dream or thought that is in control of your life and your success. The ego is only here to keep you grounded in earthly time. We give thanks for your ego, but it is not. The Universal Law of Divine Oneness that says they are not simply a creature of the earth.

Put aside any idea that they are not good enough, or you are a loser. It is connected to the house and the thing spirit alive and connected to a / Divine / Source / God. You have access to the Saami divine inspiration and knowledge every time you meditate or sleep. You could be a mystic or psychic if you decided to hone their skills. Or, you could be an artist or inventor. Just let go of the thoughts of the ego that You are a unique creature, fragile and mortal.

Pure Potentiality

Jesus and Buddha each show the potential of a man able to transcend the historical ego. For this, we-in access to our regular Overmind. We do this unconsciously every night if we fall into theta and delta, but is much more effective if we meditate at least 15 minutes twice a day, or at least 30 minutes eleven days. The Universal Law of Divine Oneness That says we're connected to everyone through the source / God but to acknowledge this truth and live consciously we connect. You must remember to listen.

Peace and love of God / Creator / Source / Divinity are absolute. Connect with your spirit and know peace and love. This is the highest vibrational frequency and will bring more peace and love.

The Law of Attraction is operated by our unconscious spiritual bond, and not by our conscious selves. Who is the keeper Ego keeps us bound to earth. Meditation allows us to connect with our spiritual identity, allowing us to float in the stream of pure potentiality. Once immersed in the stream that you can have, be or do anything as long as the desire is generated by love.