Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun and A Little Weirdness

I always thought that everyone is a little weird, or at least everyone has an odd quirk or two. I had my long rarity. Do not believe me, ask my high school classmates on my suit and white striped giant green or my dangly earrings 85.

You may think it's weird is good when you're with friends and family, but how do you feel is appropriate in your business?

I see it as a great way to magnetize more clients, money, team members especially ideal and fun! You can decide how far you want to take. Ideally, you want to inject it strange enough to be fun, but not at the top to scare people.

I let my shine rarity in team meetings, interacting with clients, my videos, the names of my programs and products and in the subject lines of my emails. Express their interesting peculiarities is part of being a true businessman, which is very attractive to your target market and the team ideal.

The fun is created by being a 'little out there on the edge' it is separated from the rest of the pack. In fact, the more you are fully expressed the faster your business will grow.


Because of his creative energy released and allowed to live at full capacity.

I recently received a living proof of the impact of the injection of "fun and a little strange" in the daily business operations when I took a tour income went from zero to $ 1 billion in ten years . Its CEO, Tony Hsieh, leave it all the time for the world to see. His book, delivering happiness, yearbook Zappos Zappos Culture and blogs gives us the scoop on everything that happens at Zappos.

A company is confident that the most honest and direct is thus about more hardcore they are. It works. It ranked sixth among the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune magazine.


Because they are fun, innovative, generous and strange. And they live their values ​​of the company on a daily basis, not just words published on their website.

I'm working on stretching further myself in the department of fun and outrageous in my business. I know that paves the way to freedom and abundance in many ways. I'm not going to be weird to be weird. I'm just going to let go more aware of being 'professional' and being more of my being fabulously unique.

It works and is very attractive for people my ideal.