Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have You Ever Heard

I physically Inc. was browsing around looking for different kinds of art, and inner lip tattoo stumbled. Something new and different sounds. Apparently the newest craze!

What is a lip tattoo?

Getting a tattoo lip is currently very popular. This occurs when you have a purpose, name, symbol, number or other small tattoo on the inner part of your bottom lip is designed. (It is also possible to his top lip, but is not ideal.)

Who should be?

If you burn someone to get ink done, are doing, but anyone to see until you get it (no one see the tattoo until you will see them inside your bottom lip) if he or You really do not want to show a tattoo of a name you want to be friends with a special relationship or, it can work for you, especially if you still are not sure about the relationship because they do not There are only easy to hide but they are faded fast enough is known until you get to touch up.

How long do they last?

Long last lip tats is different from person to person. A lip tattoo last between 1-5 years if you continue to touch up being, but they usually fade quite quickly and some of them fade or stain can within a week .. This is because your inner lip is constantly wet, so it really does not like the skin in the tattoo ink is not sealed. Plus your saliva breaks down the ink, it would be like eating. You get to touch it at least 4 or 5 times before it is more stable lives. Make sure you have a professional tattoo artist who has experience with tattooing lips go. They apparently a tip for a while last place a piece of tissue paper between my lips since worked for the paint or ink to give a better chance of penetrating deep to make.

How much lip tattoo hurt?

Like with all the tattoo pain levels vary from person to person. Some people say that the most painful place to get a tattoo, and some say that it is a misconception that the lip tattoo hurt the most. So I say that just as your body will be hurt as much as any other tattoo is safe. One thing to remember is that even a lip tattoo his face, which is normal because of blood and ink, leaves a funny taste. (. So do not panic) suggests: the artist must be experienced and the veins in your lips without hurting you be able to tattoo their lips.

Lip tattoo after care!

Requires all tattoo and lip tattoo after care are no different. Nothing you eat or drink straight after a lip tattoo is long and you probably eat, drink and rinse your mouth after smoking your tattoo artist must be sure to take care following advice can make. But here are some general tips: do not use normal mouthwash, chemicals will make it fade faster. (Antibacterial or alcohol free to use.) Do not take it because if you rub it or you will lose color due to bleed. Suck on your lips and stay away or limit your intake of citrus fruits and wine do not.

Spend what lip tattoo?

They are usually more expensive than other tattoo is a tattoo even though it is usually fairly quick process itself is a hard place. You have to take into account the needs sounding lip tattoos up and touch up some tattoo artists are included in their price. That being said, you can expect to pay between $ 50 - $ and store your tattoo artist / popularity depends on the situation 100.;name=Jiny_Jack;name=Nitin_Cab;name=Alik_Sin