Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Common Rose Diseases: Tips for Prevention and Care

Unfortunately, Rose highly susceptible to a number of different diseases can be. Prevention always better than cure and easy way to plant the hardier varieties of roses. Some rose varieties require more care than others, and if you feel very dedicated to his roses, hardier plant type to ensure you do not have time.

Prevention is the next step in the sunlight. Plant your roses they at least six hours of sunlight a day which will receive. Whilst some species and shade tolerant, fungus and mildew than plants that do not get as much sun are likely to attack.

Around your roses a variety of different flowers and plants instead of only a monoculture of roses to help prevent the disease as it creates a more balanced ecosystem, planting to attract natural predators to help and check to keep the disease. Finally, make sure your roses are planted in well drained soil so they do not have standing water on their plants do not use too much fertilizer as the appeal to the disease.

Common problems treated

Here the more common roses and some tips and guidelines on the treatment they get is a list of some of the problems. The golden rule, stop and check your roses often a problem as soon as you see it is to deal with.

Aphids and spider mites

These small insects suck out the sap of your roses, roses like to create dry out. Ladybird beetle's natural predators aphids in your garden, the insects are encouraged. Otherwise, a solution of soapy water will wash away these infestations.

Black Spot

This is the most common diseases affecting the rose is a fungus that affects the rose canes and black spots on plant leaves to display reasons. The first line of attack immediately prune away the infected areas. Prevent the fungus from attacking your plants to make sure you water the plant leaves and flower water to the base and do not try.

As the disease progresses, you a yellow ring around them with black spots appear on leaves. Finally completed by black spots grow leaf turns yellow and falls off the bush. Bordeaux blend using black spot and other fungal diseases to get rid of.


One and a fungal disease that results in black spots on your plants because of Rose. Eventually rose canes will turn black or brown. You should cut off any of the diseased areas.


Rust is a fungal infection can be treated with fungicides. Now as the first sign of disease more difficult to apply fungicide fungus you also allow management to develop. As part of the treatment, you also suffer from all the dead and seriously leaves, flowers and stems should remove.