Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bat Control Measures For A House

If you already have a problem with raccoons and squirrels, then you know what could be a serious threat varmints. The same is true for the bats, especially the fact that bats are carriers of rabies virus knowing. Remember, it is illegal to kill bats to use poison, so it would be better if you choose to bat trap. However, research has shown that bats a place to perch on their return even if they are 150 miles away trend. Therefore, a permanent mesh to prevent you from making your house a home, bats can not solve. In such a case, it is best to be a permanent bat control measures which ensure that bats roost in your home will go to the back.

The following is a home for the permanent bat control measures include steps are:

Carefully inspect your home right after sunset. This lets you use the bat that will give an idea of ​​exit and entry points. It should be a clear night and not when the air is breezy or raining. You can inspect the house in any season.

Once the entry and exit points have been located, they seem to be sealed. Carefully opening hole, and seal cracks that can be used by bats. However, leave open the main entry point. Once this is done, point it out in your home trying to find an alternate entry will prevent the bats.

Finally, the same direction Exclusion tool that allows bats to leave the house when they set out to hunt, but prevents them from coming back.

Ideally, the above steps should be done during late spring or early fall. Breeding season is often not good bat control measures started. If you get rid of bats during the breeding season, the young people end up dying without his mother will care for them. So, spent the summer in your home all entry and exit points to find out that bats use.

If you bat control measures adopted are not comfortable, you can hire a professional, but to be something out of your home size, equipment used, time spent on fixing holes and cracks and open by thousands prepare materials and opening sealed off the holes were. Also, before hiring the services of a professional, it is best to get an estimate.