Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: 3 Questions for Group Problem Solving

2050000000 It is possible on the Internet "problems" to think about. Often, the problems because they do not get a boss is not the solution. They are not taking care of orphans that walks around like. In this case a problem is too big for a boss may know. Today, a local Greenland glaciers shrinking newspaper about the situation reviewed. This is a problem that can cause a disaster in the end, but (the effect), which is almost invisible at this time. This is a standard long-term than short-term issue is where the former often not favored. As long as there is no real need, no action will be taken. Besides that, not everyone is convinced that the melting will cause a problem really is. Attention to problems that are where the urgency is high. For example a company that goes down the Internet site. Production process is a part (and previously purchased) Purchase Department was not because of the delay may be. Or a lack of agents (their agents to the problem of stress) due to a constant traffic jam for call center. This last point problem for the owner of the call center manager. However ...

H-2B Visa Application Process

An H-2B visa process for U.S. employers filing the ETA 9141 form, begins with the prevailing wage determination for the Chicago National Processing Center (CNPC), with applications. Next, U.S. employers U.S. Department of Labor State employees (SWA) Agency (DOL) in the area where the job is to serve should submit a job order. After receiving the application, SWA errors or omissions to work to examine the request, will create job orders, and employment service system in 10 days (rather than 120 days) before the workers really need to live.

SWA after filing with the application, U.S. employers to recruit foreign nationals to show that H-2B visa under one of beginning to fill that particular position before hiring American workers for a particular job for all of attempts made. The process starts by contacting local unions. Contact employers and unions as well as results recorded with referrals from any qualified association should maintain copies of any correspondence. U.S. employer in a general circulation newspaper for three consecutive days, two print ads should post, including a Sunday newspaper in the area of ​​intended employment. Alternatively, the employer which course of action most appropriate for business and for the reactions of American workers are expected to bring a professional business depends, in his ad, or ethnic publication, can post. At the same time these ads are posted on the SWA job order must be published.

The U.S. employer has completed its hiring process, employers ETA 9142 form an H-2B visa application submission is in the process, applications for Temporary Employment Certification, Appendix B.1 with a recruitment report with CNPC. The application can be filed 120 days before workers are needed. CNPC a certified official application for review to confirm that they are complaining. Next, a visa petition the U.S. employer, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with the I -129 form, must file. Upon approval of visa petition, an American employee abroad for his or her an H-2B visa submitted your application will embassy. Employees to use their visa can enter the U.S. and their H-2B visa status claims.