Monday, July 4, 2011

Highland Lakes Part 2: Lake Travis

Upstream along the Colorado River from Lake Austin is Lake Travis. Created when Mansfield Dam was completed in 1941, this lake has more notoriety in the Austin metropolitan area as a recreational destination. Scenic limestone cliffs, breathtaking views and crystal clear waters make it a hot spot for fine restaurants throughout the state, camping and hiking, fishing, water sports and houses by the sea.

Lake Travis is fed by the Colorado River (as with all mountain lakes), the Pedernales River and several other large creeks that form the famous coves of the lake. Filtered through layers of limestone, is one of the clearest lakes in Texas with a beautiful aqua tint to the water. The lake serves not only as the main reservoir for flood control in the chain of Highland Lakes, but also an important source of drinking water for residents of Austin.

The limestone cliffs along the lake offer unparalleled views, privacy and the protection of ever-changing lake water levels. Pace Bend State Park offers visitors the opportunity to camp, hike, dive and swim along the cliffs. Many homes are built on Lake Travis over the high cliffs in order to stay out of the floodplain. Homeowners or building tram lift to the docks along the coast.

Lake Travis has a little something for every fisherman. Winter offers the challenge of connecting white bass and striped before running into streams and rivers during the spring. In spring and autumn in many largemouth bass fisherman. While you can not run big, largemouth bass fishing is still a fun experience. With deep pockets of water and plenty of places to hide a fish, catfish in the lake are abundant and can run very large.

With its many coves and tributaries, boaters can find a private place on Lake Travis ski, wakeboard or just get away from the crowds. Other sailors head Diablo Cove on weekends to support and build boats large floating party. Other points of the game are Carlos and Charlie and The Iguana Grill. The Oasis offers a quieter atmosphere and has the best setting for a famous sunset Lake Travis.

Houses dot the coast mostly developed Lake Travis. The communities of Austin, Lago Vista, Spicewood Volente and the edge of the southern and northern lake. The western part of the lake tends to be less developed and Lake Travis home here tend to sit in a greater amount of surface area.

Whether looking for a party, wakeboarding, fishing or just wanting to enjoy a beautiful sunset in one of the most picturesque places in Texas, a visit to Lake Travis is part of the Austin way of taste and plans all Austin area rental - making it the most popular lake in the chain of Highland Lakes.