Thursday, February 23, 2012

Business Phone System - About Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is a real blessing to commercial enterprises of all sizes as VoIP equipment, servers and services are hosted by the VoIP service provider, which manages all calls and routes to and from the subscriber's existing telephone system. Hosted VoIP can not only save companies investing in VoIP equipment, but also the eternal hassle of maintenance.

Technology has made great advances in the field of telecommunications. VoIP networks using the Internet to route calls anywhere in the world - at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone call. Hosted VoIP services using packet switching to transmit phone calls over the Internet compared to circuit-switched telephone used by the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) - although in some cases VoIP calls the subscriber are routed through the PSTN system.

VoIP has been around for over a decade - but first, VoIP had a reputation for being unreliable and is considered unsuitable for commercial use. Things have changed a lot since then and VoIP business system is the most wanted phone today.

While it is possible for large corporations to buy and manage hardware and software that provide the VoIP service, this service makes more sense for most small and medium enterprises. As a small or medium business, when you subscribe to this service, the only team on site is needed is the IP phones.

With the facilities of VoIP, you can benefit from cheap calls, and also serve all the advanced features of sophisticated modern communications systems. There are several reasons why a home business should consider a hosted-VoIP-solution

1. A hosted VoIP solution offer significant cost savings. The savings are possible with respect to long distance charges, monthly access costs and equipment purchase / maintenance.

2. A hosted VoIP solution comes with a lot of useful features that can significantly improve communication with employees, leading to improved productivity in general.

3. The update is another key factor in a hosted VoIP solution. This is particularly beneficial if the existing system of a communications company at the end of its life cycle. Not only is replacing an obsolete system under the brand-new technology, but also introduces features absent in the old system.

4. For the small business enterprises and medium enterprises with limited growth, a VoIP solution is a good choice as it is affordable and scalable.

5. A hosted VoIP solution is ideal for a company with multiple locations or employees in more than one geographic area. By installing VoIP hosted at each site, all employees have access to the standard features of the phone system.

6. VoIP system is a great blessing that employees can concentrate on their tasks instead of wasting time running the communications system and subsequent maintenance issues.

7. Most hosted PBX services provide some form of call forwarding - you can divert incoming calls to any number of others, including mobile phones. Thus, no missed calls.

8. Hosted VoIP also offers voice mail as part of basic service. Many of them offer e-mail alerts when a message arrives to voice mail so you can keep track.

Of course, the critical factor is that you must identify a VoIP service provider reputed and reliable, since it can not risk their complete business communications provider with a suspect.

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