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Best Small Business Phones For the Biggest Bang For the Buck

A VoIP-based phone system for small business can save your company time and money, and save you the hassle of having to manage yet more aspects of your business needs. But how exactly does a VoIP system and how it can help? What key features to look for when choosing a small business VoIP phone system? Read on to find out more.

What type of VoIP service should you choose?

When searching for a VoIP service for your business, you have two options: hosted VoIP IPPBX. In a hosted VoIP system, the external company that manages the telephone service and all that that entails. This eliminates the need to hire an IT person responsible for managing your phone system. Moreover, a VoIP system is based on your current local area network (LAN) or network widearea (WAN.) Provided that your company has an existing broadband connection, the configuration can be quite simple.

A VoIP PBX system hosted VoIP differs in that all hardware is purchased, managed and maintained by your company. Instead of a VoIP provider outside the care of all maintenance calls, that responsibility rests with your company. Given that hosted VoIP configuration is quite simple, and most of the hard work of daily maintenance is handled by the VoIP provider, which tends to be the type of service most favored by small companies.

What are the advantages of choosing VoIP?

A small business VoIP phone system can help your business so critical. Lower costs: In a hosted VoIP system, there is no need to purchase any additional hardware other than the phones to be used. Even cell phones can work with a hosted VoIP system. The only initial investment will be found in the initial cost of the service configuration.

Simple maintenance: with an outside vendor manage their phone service, no need for staff to keep the system from your telephone company. Moreover, the changes can be made through a secure website that most hosted VoIP services provide. This adds more versatility when adding users, telephone numbers, voicemail access change, the voice prompts change or alter anything else the need arises.

Ease of communication: a smaller business VoIP phone service host, video and data conferencing, which can allow your employees to collaborate more easily. A telephone system based on VoIP telephony is also ideal for companies with satellite offices, especially since the extensions are not based on location.

Easy Call Monitoring: Most VoIP providers offer hosted call report up-to-date that can be accessed through your web account. This lets you see who were calls for, how long did the calls, and the time the calls started and stopped. Faxes are also recorded, and can be seen in the same manner.

For a list of features you should look in your telephone system for small businesses and steps to follow to determine the best system phone provider for your business, check out our free phone systems for small business guide .

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