Saturday, August 6, 2011

Asparagus on Toast

I'm crazy about asparagus. When the spears begin to appear in the spring, there is no local market with 10 pound bags at a great price.

Steal the head start their spring run here in southwest Lower Michigan and some good bread, what a wonderful meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner is fantastic.

The city of Hart, Michigan held a parade complete with stud and queen. Time of fun and good restaurants.

Picking asparagus

Get it while you can cool farmers have a short window of harvest peak of flavor. The plant appears out of the ground and cut. as more appears to continue collecting until the spears become fat and Woodie. It is so tender and tasty then.

The plant will begin to be thick and go to seed.

If you are adding to your garden asparagus, it may take up to two years before you are able to choose and consume. Very well worth the wait.

White Sauce

There are many theories in white sauces. I say it's just a fancy word for us by the folks at home for the sauce. Always add the street to any salsa sauce. Brown the flour always gives a nutty flavor instead of that raw flour taste.

No matter if you use butter, olive oil, or a portion of the fat from browning the meat, I always cook my meal, till it becomes golden light. Even red brick. S i you have all made Jambalaya or Gumbo know what I'm talking about.


This is easy and takes no time. Whatever fat you choose, brown the flour. Salt and pepper to taste and add milk or cream. How ever you want to be rich.

You can poach, roast, fry the fish or some flavor. In the end only added to the sauce. Shrimp or Scallops or both are wonderful.

I like my asparagus when crisis still has a bit to it. Boil, microwave, grill, how ever he likes for its preparation. Some whole-wheat toast (pick your favorite). Place a few spears on the toast and pour over the sauce. Oh ya!

Any white fish will work. Tilapia or cod I choose when I had little luck catching the head and steal.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner is a wonderful meal. Almost never have leftovers and that's bad. As with many dishes that gets better when heated a second time.