Monday, December 5, 2011

Virtual Insurance Agency - The Ultimate Green Office

Insurance companies have excellent potential to become "green" virtual offices. To limit the footprint of your business carbon and hate going to work, then this article can give you some tips on how to transform your insurance agency in a lean, green machine, nice to make money.

Finding a niche insurance product can be sold on the Internet

The Internet has allowed online websites to get insurance customer base nationally and internationally. The trick to successful selling insurance on the Internet is finding a small niche insurance product that customers across the country or the world will look. Examples would be adventure travel insurance, insurance Christmas tree lot, international health insurance, and my personal favorite insurance, cars for people who drive their vehicles into Mexico. These products are very small considering the local level, but if you can market these products throughout the country or the world, its customer base can be enormous. It can only be 15 lots of Christmas trees at 50 miles from home, but there are thousands across the country!

Another important factor in choosing your product is the simplicity of the issuance of the insurance policy. The simpler the better. Online insurance does not work very well if you need to fill 20 forms and fax documents back and forth for the day. Its aim is to find a product that has the potential for the client to issue the policy itself through a secure online application.

Configure your website and a call center virtual office

Once you have selected your insurance product, you now need to build your website and create your call center services for customers who have questions. This is where you can deploy the virtual office concept. A few years ago, call centers needed to be housed in a headquarters building. Customer service representatives are crammed into cells, while the manager would ensure employees were connected to the local telephone network system. Today, with the availability of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone network systems, you can create a virtual call center where customer service workers are working outside their homes. A call center VOIP phone system works just like a telephone system located in the center, but phones each call center can be found anywhere in the world, provided they are connected to an Internet connection. Instead of booths filled in a building, home of each employee is now that employee's cubicle.

The choice of VoIP solution

Unless you keep your own phone system, we highly recommend that you look into subscribing to a hosted VoIP phone system. A hosted VoIP system telephone system means that the current network is a VoIP company in its data center. The only equipment that your company owns and maintains physically true VOIP phones. VOIP phones tend to cost a few hundred dollars each, and they work just like a normal phone network. The only difference is that you can connect a VoIP phone internet cable instead of a phone jack. The company hosted VOIP call center configured to your exact specifications with features such as voicemail, call transfer, call queuing, music on hold, and any other features you would use in a standard call center .

In order to monitor the productivity of your employees, you can also configure call records to track all activities and create reports for the activities of each individual phone. Although physically unable to breathe on the neck of your employee, you can keep an eye on your employees through your call logs and can be heard in conversation, if necessary.

Green Benefits office virtual insurance agency

Depending on the number of employees in its call center, which eliminated several cars to go to work every day. They have also failed to pay energy costs and other expenses related to the execution of an office building. If you want to go one step further, you can also install solar panels on your home office, and you can take advantage of business tax credits tend to be higher for commercial systems of solar energy. The beauty of insurance products is that they have inventory. Unlike most e-businesses that sell products that need to be stored and shipped, insurance is not just a promise with a policy number assigned to it. For this reason, insurance companies may have zero shipping and inventory, and all documents can be sent electronically rather than through email.

Obviously, the creation of an insurance agency and the virtual office is not something that happens overnight, but if you brainstorm these concepts, you can find the perfect business idea that green can be profitable and will you and your employees to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Jeff Nordahl is an insurance agent design and Internet software. His company, Adventure Services Safe Mexico, which specializes in car insurance for people who drive their vehicles to Mexico, has operated as an insurance agency with virtual success over seven years. Visit their virtual insurance agency in Mexico, or contact them directly if you have any questions or wish to discuss business ideas.

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