Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hedge Funds Give Best Performance

Hedge fund investor who funds a fund that directly or indirectly from a selected range of investments including shares. Bonds and commodities in a way that better return on your investment is protected such that the capital is getting in return is positive. Investors show their investment managers to invest the funds as a fixed amount of fees paid.

As recently reported, the average return May, the best defense your more money and better to attract investors worldwide about nine-year period the fund is supposed to give the best performance of about 5.2 percent is. Hedge fund reduces your risk factors and gives you better returns at the same time. Eureka hedge fund index which contains a record of two thousand more funds this year went up by 9.2 percent. The industry has recorded profits of $ 1500000000.

According to the latest report the top and the best defense dollars 1300000000000 management. After going through an undesirable financial crisis, these will be recovered at a great speed. They are attracting more investors and investments better and giving more benefits.

That first U.S. hedge fund जनवरी 2011 115000000000 dollars or 10 percent as higher than last year at $ 1.297 trillion managed. After serious financial crisis, there are have a very large loss. Some of them are out of business. But the industry is recovering from a pleasant rate. Recent report showed that the industry is becoming bigger with the largest is blooming. It the largest and the best ten in January that more than 15 percent last year, is seen as a combined 309 billion dollars.

Bridgewater associates with $ 58.9 billion the largest in the United States were ranked hedge fund assets under management. Westport, Conn-based funds, according to the latest survey, a gain of $ 15300000000, it was.

JP Morgan Asset Management, the second best a stunning profit of 7.1 billion under the management of 45.5 billion dollars of money pulling experience.

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